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Things are busy! More content to come....

So lately Ive had a lot on the go. Ive just finished a relay controller for someone which Ive been meaning to detail on the projects section of this site, however Ive recently been given a pretty fun design opportunity from someone else for some lighting controllers for musicians. I've already done a quick video on the relay controller so hopefully I will get some time to follow that up with a proper writeup.

Ive also been meaning to finish the writeup for a number of other projects which would diversify some of the content I have on this site. At the moment most of the projects Ive covered are pic microcontroller based projects, however Id like to include some more ones with VHDL, Labview, and even Matlab.

Maybe if I made it my new years resolution to finish these writeups that would motivate me to finish them. Who knows!

Over and out.

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