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Organizing surface mount resistors

Thought I'd just do a quick post to show how I organize my surface mount resistors and surface mount capacitors. Over the years I've used a couple different methods of organizing them and this seems to work the best for me. I know one common method of organizing them is to use those small plastic hardware drawers, so I tried that for a bit. Soon I ran out of space and found I would have to order more of the drawers. I found this ended up taking up too much space in my condo. At one point I also tried just having a couple big drawers and separating the values in small bags, but that also proved to be kind of confusing.

What I eventually settled with was using a 3 ringed binder. I have a machine at work used for sealing plastic bags, so I took a bunch of those plastic title sheet covers you can get from staples or any other office supply store and I used the bag sealing machine to seal around 6 or 7 rows per page. I cut open the right side so I could slide the parts in. This could also be done with a stapler or hot glue gun if you don't have a bag sealer.

This worked really great for me since this saves a lot of space and it also makes it much easier to find the values I want really quick. I also added binder section dividers to separate the different sizes as well. Currently I have a section for 1206 and 0805. I also have a smaller section for 0603.

Now what used to take 3 racks of the small hardware drawers now takes the space of a single binder I can put on my book shelf with my other reference books.

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