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I've been thinking of things to do with this web site. At the moment, I am going to work on filling up the projects section with some of the stuff I've done and still have sitting around. At some point though when I have more traffic, it would be nice to make some sort of income on the side, either by contracting my services, or by selling kits, development boards or parts(like sparkfun or adafruit). I haven’t decided yet if I'd sell only kits or development boards I've designed, or if I will just be a re-seller of existing ones. Maybe a bit of both? Who knows. I guess we'll see where this goes....

On a side note, the site was supposed to be my Initials (MR) After choosing the domain name people have pointed out to me that it looks like it says "Mr.Electronics" which I wasn't originally too crazy about. It has kinda grown on me though...

Anyways I've never blogged before, nor do I ever read any so I have no idea how long to make This. I guess I'll just leave it at that. If anyone has any suggestions on what you think would be cool on this site, shoot me a message.

Also wix has a library of free stock images. Here is a baby dressed as a Chili Pepper looking stoked as hell.

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