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                VGA display driver by FPGA example

The purpose of this project was the help familiarize myself with the protocol used to drive VGA screens. For this I designed an add-on board that mates with the papilio one,  which has 5 push buttons, a bank of switches, and an LED. I designed the add-on board to be used in future projects that I want to connect to a VGA monitor. For this project I wrote a program that displays a small box in the center of the screen when the FPGA is first turned on. You can control which pixels are on(red, green, or blue using the switches. This gives us 7 possible colors that the box could be. The location of the box can then be changed using the push buttons. Below is also a short video demonstrating the code. Sorry for the poor video quality. Detailed writeup to come...


You can download the code which includes the UCF file from the link below:


VGA adaptor board mounted to
papilio one FPGA
VGA Adaptor Board Back
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